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Craft manufacture

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The wheat bags are handmade, from the design, cut, confection and filling, to give a personal and special touch that will make your heat pad unique and exclusive.

100% Cotton

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Both the inner and outer covers are made of 100% cotton fabric, a natural and resistant fiber that makes a remarkable difference in quality.

Seeds and flowers

Semillas de trigo y flores

The products we use in our wheat bags with flowers come from environmentally responsible crops, respecting natural cycles and the soil.

The best wheat bags filled with seeds for microwave heating. Which do you like best?

You don’t know about the seed-filled bags yet? Here they are. They are small woven cloth bags filled with seeds of wheat, olive, cherry, rice etc. that when heated in the microwave or oven, they give off a gentle dry heat very beneficial for certain ailments and types of pain. They can also be used cold. Actually it is nothing new, our grandmothers surely used one as it is considered a “lifetime” remedy that does not go out of fashion, but today are becoming popular among people of all ages, and no wonder because they are easy to use, comfortable, natural and respect the environment.

Below, we present the best models with different designs, beautiful prints and variety of uses:

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What are they and what are the microwaveable wheat bags for?

Below, we show you the different advantages of this handmade product that you are sure to be surprised:

What are they?

As we have said, this simple but very practical product is changing the way of treating certain pains since they are very beneficial for the health when we apply the thermotherapy. The wheat bag of seeds is the ideal complement in our day to day, avoiding the taking of aggressive chemical medicines, while these are not completely necessary. The heat bags of seeds and aromatic plants are so safe that we can use them to sleep warm and put them inside our bed on cold winter nights, even in your baby’s crib without running any kind of risk as long as we respect the right temperature.

What are the benefits?

Without a doubt, the maximum benefit that the bags filled with seeds offer us is the fast and natural analgesic effect that they produce. While synthetic drugs need at least an hour to take effect, the sachets will have eliminated the pain in just 10 minutes, and without any side effects. In addition, because of the high security that they present, they can be used by all family members and at any time, to go to sleep, to calm muscle aches, sinusitis from allergies, to provide body heat in colds or flu, to reduce inflamed areas …

The heat pad of seeds handmade can provide relief and calm the pain in many of these cases, knowing these natural and home remedies, as they are very easy to apply in our own home, we can win in health and welfare quickly and easily and best of all, free of chemicals and drugs. With these cushions of aromatic seeds and flowers we guarantee you total comfort at any time of the day, even at work, as long as you have a microwave close by to heat them up or a freezer to use them with cold therapy.

What are they for?

Wheat bags filled with seeds and aromatic plants serve as natural analgesics and anti-inflammatory. In addition, they improve blood circulation, thus helping faster recoveries. All this in a simple way and without side effects, except for the improvement of mood.

This analgesic effect is scientifically proven, and as a great summary, tell you that the grace is that when we apply heat to our body at 40 º C or more, heat receptors are activated, which in turn, inhibit pain receptors. If you also accompany this with the soft and pleasant aroma of lavender, your mood will improve and it is well known that with good humour one improves much faster.

To relieve different types of pain, whether muscular, joint, bone, headache or menstrual, we must know the heat bags filled with seeds, they use heat or cold therapies to relieve and mitigate various types of ailments. Knowing the alternatives to drugs to treat pain is a great way to take care of ourselves naturally free of chemicals and foreign substances that can be harmful in the short or long term to our body.

Thanks to pain treatment therapies based on the localised application of heat or cold to the painful area, we can reduce and even completely eliminate those small aches and pains that prevent us from continuing with our daily lives. Heating pads are an excellent option as a home or natural remedy to relieve hundreds of pains, whether acute, chronic or circumstantial type produced by a blow, pull or muscle contracture. Without a doubt, wheat bags are an effective remedy for treating any pain.

What are the uses and health benefits of microwave heat pads?

The examples we show you are just a few of the health benefits that microwave seed packs offer, but I’m sure when you use them you will discover many more. Add the benefits of lavender or chamomile aromatherapy to the local heat, and you have a product that’s number one in every household. These two aromatic herbs, the queens of aromatherapy, with their soft and pleasant essential oil will help us improve our mood and relax.

There are many types of pain, the three main ones are:

  • Somatic or chronic pain: produced in the joints, in the skin or in our muscles.
  • Neuropathic pains: when we refer to the nerves.
  • Psychogenic pains: when produced by states of anxiety or depression.

Below we show you what ailments and types of pain you can reduce by using these fantastic products:

Neck pain

If you spend hours in front of the computer or books and do not maintain good posture, the cervicals become resentful and painful, applying the hot pack over the cervical area, the muscle relaxes and the pain disappears completely.


To treat the pain it is recommended to apply dry heat, the heat bags are ideal for this task, the contribution of heat directly in a localized area, makes the blood flow better and this helps reduce inflammation and pain.

Low back pain

By applying heat through the wheat bag of seeds, the muscle relaxes, more blood reaches the area that allows to reduce inflammation and annul the pain receptors, therefore, it is also highly recommended and useful to use them in low back pain.

Articular pains (arthritis)

Due to osteoarthritis or arthritis, the joints become stiff and cause severe pain. The application of heat by means of wheat bags of seeds reduces the pain and improves the circulation of the area, avoiding certain aggressive medication.

Muscle contractures

During intense physical activity or a bad gesture, small muscle contractions can occur that become very painful and annoying. If you apply heat with the wheat bag you make the muscle relax and relieve the pain.

Baby’s colic and gas

Heat acts mainly by inhibiting pain receptors, but it also makes the blood flow better, thus helping to dissipate the air and consequently the swelling and discomfort produced by colic and gas, especially in babies.

Menstrual cramps

By applying heat to the area of the ovaries or kidneys, the blood circulates better and the pain receptors are annulled. Heat packs are an excellent option to remedy period pains, while others regulate body temperature.


Before giving a relaxing massage, it is very convenient to heat the area to be treated, so you should apply the wheat bag of seeds for at least 10 minutes prior to the massage to relax the muscles, warm them up and thus achieve greater pleasure.

Natural anti-inflammatory

To reduce the swelling after a blow, bruise or due to muscle wasting, heat bags or cushions are a great option, you have to place it on the painful area for 15 minutes and you will notice how the swelling goes down.

Lower fever

To treat feverish processes in well known that the cold is a good complementary remedy, place the facial mask on the forehead and you will see its effect in a few minutes, it is not an aggressive cold and its anatomical design allows to place it on the face.

Tired feet

After a long day or prolonged physical activity, our feet may look sore. A cold pack and leaning our legs upward will relax the swelling in our feet and relieve the pain.


Place the cold sack of seeds right on the back of your neck and you will notice how the blood flows better to your head and automatically the pains and headaches will be alleviated and we will feel much better thanks to this cold head treatment.

How is the wheat bag used for heat therapy?

To use them hot, you can use your microwave or oven, we always recommend using the microwave to be safer, we will show the simple steps of how to do it:

Heat therapy

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Step 2

Step 3

How is the wheat bag used for cold therapy?

When you want to use your bag in cold, just follow these 3 steps, the best thing is that you can repeat them every time you want several times a day without any problems:

Cold therapy

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F.A.Q: Questions about heating pads microwave

What type of seeds are best for filling the microwaveable wheat bag?

Without a doubt, the type of seeds with which the therapeutic bag is to be filled is of vital importance, as it is the natural raw material which will keep the heat or cold for a longer or shorter period of time. These seeds must have certain characteristics, including that they fit well to the areas of the body, maintain, as we have said the temperature as long as possible and do not give off an unpleasant smell, to know what options we have, we will review those that are most used when making a bag for heating in microwave.

Types of seeds most used to fill the wheat bags and their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Cherry bones: As they are relatively large, they do not adapt well to the body, especially the smaller areas such as joints, etc. They are also quite hard and can exert too much pressure on the painful area and damage it even more.
  • Olive pits: As with cherry pits, they are quite uncomfortable if used in the lumbar and back areas as by their nature, olive pits are quite hard.
  • Millet seeds: This type of seeds have the advantage that as they are small they adapt very well to the body area we want to treat, the downside is that they lose heat quickly and we must be heating them repeatedly to make them work.
  • Rice: This type is used much less than the previous ones although it is never wrong to mention them, it is worth mentioning that when using the rice as a filling for the bag it gives off a rather unpleasant smell, in addition small “bugs” tend to grow between these grains if they are not used regularly.
  • Flax seeds: This can be a good option, almost on a par with wheat seeds, although as they are smaller they do not withstand the heat so well at high temperatures in the microwave.
    Wheat seeds: Without a doubt this is the best option as they have the exact size in both length and thickness, adapt to any area of the body, withstand heat perfectly and give off a very pleasant smell when heated.
  • Moor: It’s harder to find and over time it can dry out and stop working. As for heat retention, it is the same as a wheat bag, since the duration of heat in the heating pad will depend greatly on the room temperature. If it is very cold outside, the heat will last less.

How long do you have to heat them in the microwave or in the oven?

Depending on the model and size of the heat pad we can heat it more or less time, the habitual thing for medium sizes is of 1:30 minutes to a power of 800W and something smaller for powers of 1000W or superior. If we are talking about small sizes, do not exceed 30 or 45 seconds. This depends a lot on your microwave, we recommend that the first times you use it, try a shorter time and increase the duration until you reach the desired temperature.

For use in the oven, although less recommended because of the dangers it can cause, if you do not have a microwave this is a good alternative, always use an electric oven and heat from 5 to 10 minutes for small sizes and 10 to 15 minutes for larger sizes, with a temperature of 125 º, always controlling the oven at all times. Do not use a gas oven.

How to preserve the microwave heat pads to last longer and increase their shelf life?

With repeated use, you may notice that it is harder and harder to heat them or that the heat lasts less time. To reverse the situation we can use a very simple and effective trick. Every 8 or 10 uses, put in the microwave, along with the hot and cold pack, a glass of water half full. With this what we are going to obtain is to give back a little humidity to the seeds, so that in later uses they are warmed up faster and they support more time the heat. It is important to do this only every 5 or 10 uses, because if the seeds are constantly moistened they can become damaged.

How do you prevent bugs from appearing in heat bags filled with seeds?

When it comes to conservation, it is important to always keep in mind that our wheat bags are 100% natural, both the fabric and the seeds and the lavender flowers. This means that these materials can be attacked by the dreaded “bugs” if not properly preserved. To avoid unwanted pests, and above all to be able to enjoy our wheat bag for much longer, we must heat it in the microwave, at least once every 2 or 3 months. This is very important to do it in summer since in this epoch they are not used daily, and we keep the heat pad in the drawer and they are not used again until the cold enters.

With the simple gesture of heating the bag once every 2 months, we eliminate any unwanted “bugs” that may have attacked the seeds, and will not cause us any problems in the future. Finally, it is interesting to keep the original box for storage, because it is made of breathable cardboard. Under no circumstances should the bags be stored in plastic bags (except when stored in the fridge or freezer).

Can the therapeutic wheat bags be washed in the washing machine?

Of course they can be washed, but only the outer cover. All our designs have two covers, one inside and one outside, so you can easily wash the outer cover of the heat pack without fear of wetting the seeds and flowers inside. By simply removing the outer cover you will always have it clean and ready to use. As it is a 100% cotton fabric, there is no mystery about washing it, as it is a simple fibre to treat and very resistant to washing, both by hand and by machine. You can choose between hot or cold water when you wash the cover, but if the temperature you use is very high (more than 60º) it can lose colour and shrink a little, we recommend temperatures not exceeding 40ºC.

Why is the lavender aroma of the wheat bag so beneficial?

One of the strengths of the wheat seed sacks is that they are accompanied by lavender, the queen of aromatherapy, which contains in its flowers an essential oil used to calm and relax. The essential oil, being volatile, makes it easy to inhale and we can benefit from its aroma and active ingredients. It has been shown that aromatherapy, especially with lavender, will help us to improve our mood and achieve full relaxation. Thanks to the care in every detail in the production process of the heat bags with aromatic plants, we obtain a product of maximum quality, handmade and durable, so that we can enjoy it for years and thousands of times.

What are the alternatives to heat pads and what is the best option?

One of the purposes of the use of the heating pad is the use of thermotherapy, which is nothing more than taking advantage of the heat for therapeutic purposes, mostly for analgesic purposes. In order for heat to provide the relief and help we need, and be considered an effective remedy, it must be applied at a temperature higher than the physiological or natural temperature we have in our body, which is 36-37ºC. Therefore, in order to benefit from thermotherapy, the product we use to apply heat to our body should be at least 40ºC or more. This can be achieved with both microwave heat pad and these other alternatives:

  • Electric blanket: As its name already indicates, this type of product to apply heat on the body has the appearance of a blanket. Sizes vary greatly, from the most common ones that are usually the size of a rag, to blankets that occupy entire beds. Electric heating blankets are popular and have found their way into many homes, but if you are looking for pain relief rather than comfort, the heat they provide may not be enough. Also, if you fall asleep, it is always less advisable to do it plugged in to the mains.
  • Water bag: Surely it happens that, although you have never used one or seen it in your family’s house, if they say “hot water bottle” the same image comes to mind as for me, and that is that this product used for thermotherapy, or rather, to provide heat, has been widely displayed in catalogs, films, series and so on and has commonly been seen using it to heat the bed, feet and for menstrual cramps. If for some reason the wheat bag has replaced the use of hot water bottles, it is because in case of leakage, it is not the same a spill of very hot water, that the spreading of seeds. With water you can suffer severe skin burns.
  • Hot/cold gel bags: They are the most used method to apply heat and cold by sportsmen. Perhaps because of the comfort of carrying them around and also because of their ease of use and maintenance, they are easy to see in halls, football fields, tennis courts, gyms and more similar environments. These bags are filled with water and other compounds that prevent it from freezing so that it can provide us with safe cold without burning our skin. As for their use in heating, it is increasingly common to heat them in the microwave and this gives them a plus of versatility that makes them, along with microwavewheat bag, a very good choice for applying heat and cold therapies.

What are the risks and dangers of using a microwaveable wheat bag?

If we compare the risks that may exist in a wheat bag with those that may occur in the alternatives we have mentioned above, the first ones are very scarce, since as it has no electrical components or liquids at high temperatures, the risk of burns is practically zero as long as your sensitivity to cold and heat allows you to assess the appropriate temperature. But if, for example, you are thinking of a person with diabetes who does not have much sensitivity in his feet and hands, you do not have to worry, since if you follow the recommendations for use, such as the heating times that are defined in each product, you will not have to worry, since the heat that the seeds will store will be adequate to provide heat and analgesia, and will gradually decrease until it is at room temperature (around 20-40 minutes).

Are there any contraindications to the use of wheat heat pads?

It is always interesting to know when it is not advisable to use heat because, if it is true that it is a natural therapy that serves multiple conditions, there are times when its use is contraindicated.  The heat is not allowed to apply it, for example in open wounds, in acute inflammatory conditions, such as a sprain or a trauma, since in these cases, the indicated thing is the cold, to reduce the blood circulation in the zone and that the inflammation remits. If the person who is going to apply heat to the body suffers from alterations in sensitivity, it may be counterproductive, since he or she will not notice if it is too hot and may suffer serious burns. To avoid all this, it is best to follow the instructions for each product and use the heat and cold therapies for about 20 minutes maximum if you are a person with little skin sensitivity. Neither should you apply heat to a woman’s pregnant belly, but she can apply heat to the lower back without any problem.

Why and where to buy wheat bags made of handmade seeds at the best price?

Handmade: Our products are handmade of 100% cotton fabric, which makes them totally safe to heat by microwave, as this natural fibre is very resistant and free from possible allergies.

Beneficial for health: The therapeutic heat pad on sale in our online store are very beneficial because they are simple, good, nice and cheap, and also have a very long average life. Being a totally natural, handmade product you can relieve your ailments quickly rid your body of toxins and chemical painkillers while giving your body a welfare when and where you want.

Local commerce: By buying our wheat bags you are supporting local commerce, national farmers and workers and decent working conditions, free of exploitation and child labour. You will also contribute to social and environmental projects, bet on a better world and don’t buy wheat bags from Carrefour, Lidl, El Corte Inglés or Natura, we defend ethical values that are worthy of everyone, do your bit!

Guarantee: You have the guarantee that the heat bags are made with top quality products. In Saquitos Térmicos 10 we take care of every process, from the selection of seeds, aromatic plants and 100% cotton fabric, to the handcrafted making and filling to ensure that each bag or seed pad keeps every detail to improve our health and wellbeing.

They are very safe: unlike other products used to provide heat or cold, the wheat bag is presented as the safest alternative because you will not have to worry about leaks of boiling water or electrical accidents.